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Frustrated by that damn scale?

Are you working out and eating right, but the scale just won't move? Are you gaining weight without changing a thing? Are you frustrated and overwhelmed by the plethora of information there is about dieting? Trying to choose a plan that's right for you isn't always easy. Maybe it's time to consider your lifestyle.

At least ten times a day, my patient's say to me "I'm eating right and exercising, but I'm not losing weight" or "I've tried every diet, but I can't seem to keep the weight off ." The problem was so common that it became the driving force in the birth of Origin Wellness Center. The mission of the center is to help our patients lose weight by educating them, giving them the power to not only achieve their weight loss goals but to create real, sustainable change in their overall lifestyle.

At Origin, we look at weight loss dimensionally.

What does that mean? We start with a body composition analysis. The information we're able to extract gives us the data we need to start a conversation about a patient's overall lifestyle. From there, we not only look at water intake, diet, and exercise, but we take a much deeper dive and look at hormones, adrenals, and anything else that might be getting in the way of our patient's weight loss goals. ​

BUT...our program has become wildly successful in large part because of the integration of coaching into our program. Our coach, Bernice Donato, works closely with our patients to examine a person's mindset around lifestyle choices. She helps our patients align their decisions with their goals by exploring what they believe and expand their thought process to help get better results. Ten out of ten patients have told me that this was a critical part of the process for them, and without it, their fantastic results would not be possible!

As a physician, I'm proud of what we've created here. Our patients are not only losing the right kind of weight (fat), but they are learning to align their lives with an overall healthier lifestyle!

Call today for your FREE consultation and body composition analysis.

(973) 237-0700 Ext.: 208

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