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Dr. Lentine has the following supplement brands in her office for sale: 

Designs For Heath                                        

Researched Nutritionals     

A Message from Dr. Lentine About Supplements

To Our Patients:

You may have read the recent article in Consumer Reports, or heard the follow up from mainstream media outlets that raise strong concerns about 15 specific supplement ingredients. The media attention is highlighting the inherent risks associated with the usage of nutritional supplements without the supervision of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Nutritional supplements are powerful tools that can have meaningful effects on the body, and many are tailored to support specific conditions and address individual challenges. When we make a supplement recommendation, we are carefully considering the research on the quality of the manufacturer, dosage, potential to react with other medications, and duration of use. All of

these factors play a role in the safe use of supplements and are part of our clinical management

of your health.

We echo the FDA in our belief that simply because many supplements are available online or in health food stores doesn’t mean they should be taken without the direction of a trained qualified practitioner. Just recently there was a major recall of liquid vitamins that was contaminated with


We also carefully evaluate the safety and efficacy profile all the supplements we recommend. The supplements recomended in our practice are professional grade—and they are designed for incorporation into a personalized nutrition protocol to achieve your health and wellness

goals. Remember not all supplements are created equal. As a partner in your healthcare, it is our goal to guide you to products that are reputable, well

researched, and safe.


Nancy Lentine DO

*Liquid Drug and Dietary Supplement Products by Pharma Tech:Recall - Risk of Product



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