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Download Office Policy Form: 

Emergency Calls

If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. If you need to page the doctor, please call the main number at 973-237-0700 and listen carefully to the prompts.

If you need to be seen and cannot wait until the office reopens the following are approved Horizon urgent care centers.  If you do not have Horizon please check with your insurance or call the centers for insurance participation. 











225 US Highway 46, Suite A

Totowa, NJ 07512

Tel# (973) 256-0453




464 Eagle Rock Avenue, Suite C

West Orange, NJ 07052 

Tel# (973) 669-5900



The Doctor’s Office of West Caldwell

556 Passaic Ave.

West Caldwell, NJ 07006

Tel # (973) 808.2273



Policy on Medication Refills


When medications are prescribed by the doctor, there will be a sufficient quantity to last until your next office visit. Generally, the policy is to prescribe a three to six month supply.

You should discuss and know your interval with the doctor. Intervals are dependent upon your medical condition, the type of medication you take, if blood work is necessary to maintain the medication and proper follow-up.

Medications will not be refilled without proper blood work or follow-up, so please be sure to schedule your next appointment before you run out of your prescribed medication. 




Please check your insurance policy to see if your plan requires you to obtain a referral prior to scheduling a specialist visit or testing. If you do require a referral, please make an appointment with the specialist. Then, notify our office of your need for a referral. Please allow 7 business days (excluding weekends) for the referral to be completed. This is necessary as some referrals are done electronically and sometimes we are unable to make immediate contact with the insurance company. The extra day allows us sufficient time to process your request so you may keep your appointment. Please note that electronic referrals cannot be backdated. A referral will only be completed on the same day in the event of an emergency.

When calling, please have the name of the specialist or facility, the phone number and the date of your appointment available. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Your Test Results


The majority of insurance companies require us to utilize Lab Corp or Quest Diagnostics for conventional lab work. All work done through these labs takes at least seven working days to be received by us. Once your results are available, they are reviewed by the doctor. Unless you have made other arrangements, all discussions regarding lab results will be made with the doctor during a follow up appointment, including any dietary and/or medication issues that need to be addressed.


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