Proud To Announce Affiliation with Life Coach, Bernice Donato

When stress begins to affect your daily life for an extended period of time, it becomes even more dangerous. The longer the stress lasts, the worse it is for both your mind and body. You might feel fatigued, unable to focus or irritable for no reason among many other things. As a physician I witness all too often how stress levels can have a huge impact on your overall health. It is with that in mind that I’m excited to announce my practice’s affiliation with Bernice Donato, a Life Coach from Mosaic Life Coaching, LLC.

About Bernice Donato

Bernice Donato is a Professional Life Coach, aspiring writer, blogger and speaker and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from New Jersey City University. Bernice left corporate America in 2004 to focus on balancing her personal and professional life and started her own business in the field of medical billing and maintained a portfolio of select clients. Bernice has been interested in personal development for over 2 decades studying with many great leaders in the industry like Tony Robbins. Bernice’s calling to the field of life coaching came in 2012 after a series of personal and health related challenges and setbacks. Her experiences unleashed a strong desire to build expertise and understand family and personal relationships and their dynamics. Bernice devoted the next several years of her life to conducting in-depth research on relationships and how the experiences we have shape our thoughts and ultimately influence the choices we make. During this monumental transition in her life, she developed a strong desire to coach others who faced similar challenges and dysfunction during a time of transition, whether it be with their familial, personal or professional relationships. What started with advising close family and friends led to a full-time vocation. She is currently studying with the Institute fir Professional Excellence in Coaching and set to complete her certification for coaching through the International Coaching Federation later this year. Bernice’s client base continues to grow and she is currently serving clients in the Northeast. Bernice is a dedicated wife and mother who is committed to using her life experience and education to provide her clients with the tools and resources needed to transition through personal challenges and achieve their fullest life potential.

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